Publications – 2009

Forgotten Cardiovascular Diseases in Africa.

2009 - Sliwa K. Mocumbi AO.
  • Clin Res Cardiol, Epub, DOI 10.1007/S00392-009-00941.
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An observational study of the impact of early therapy on dyspnea in patients with acute heart failure syndromes: the URGENT Dyspnea study.

2009 - Mebazaa A, Pang PS, Tavares M, Collins SP, Storrow A, Laribi S, Andre S, Courtney DM, Hasa J, Spinar J, Masip J, Peacock WF, Sliwa K, Cleland JGF, Gheorghiade M.
  • Eur Heart J Epub, EURHEARTJ-D-09-00280R2.

The Thrombotic Profile of Treatment Naïve Black South Africans with Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Clinical and Applied Thrombosis and Hemostasis.

2009 - Becker A, Jacobson B, Sham S, Sliwa K, Libhaber E, Stewart S, Essop MR.
  • ID-CATH-09-09-0150. in press.

The multifactorial burden of Anaemia in Africa.

2009 - Sliwa K.
  • SAMJ; 99:864-865.

Incidence and characteristics of newly diagnosed rheumatic heart disease in urban African adults: Insights from the Heart of Soweto Study.

2009 - Sliwa K, Carrington M, Mayosi BM, Zigriadis E, Mvungi R. Stewart S.
  • Eur Heart J; Epub. EURHEARTJ-D-09-01168R162.
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