Primary care: prevention in youth and adults

Objectives of this project

  1. In-reach programme to extend the successful Heart of Soweto hypertension and heart failure management programmes into a broader chronic disease management programme, and then to extend this into the Soweto primary health clinics. The aim is to improve health outcomes in the increasing number of people affected by chronic diseases of lifestyle such as obesity, hypertension, heart failure and obesity throughout 2011 to 2012.
  2. A broader out-reach programme to the general Soweto community. As seen with our very successful Chronic Disease Awareness Day to which 200 patients and their relatives who were at risk of chronic diseases are invited, there is a huge need for knowledge about healthy and affordable lifestyle choices. Our programmes are supported by extensive research which has been published in highly respected international journals. We investigate the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in the broader Soweto community including aetiology and dominant risk factors. This knowledge has allowed us to translate our findings into suitable programmes developed specifically for vulnerable communities in middle to lower income countries.
  3. A broader out-reach programme for African teenagers to direct our research and education towards a particular vulnerable group – African teenagers with poor knowledge of an affordable and culturally acceptable healthy lifestyle. The obesity epidemic in South Africa already starts in children and in particular, teenagers. Obesity results in hypertension which can have serious and even deadly consequences like heart failure, diabetes and strokes.